We love to be back!

Sorry for being away for some days

Message from the CEO

karl j langAfter a severe cyber-attack we're back online! Good news first: Productive systems and customer data have not been affected at all! All productive systems are hosted in a secure and professional Amazon Web Service environment. Bad news: Our complete website, based on Drupal and hosted by a leading hosting provider has been completely and irretrievably destroyed. You certainly can imagine how grateful we are for this provider's extraordinary and enduring support. But looking back doesn't help. On the contrary, we want to use this digital disaster for a fresh start. That's why we are now beginning to build up a completely new website from scratch, even though this may take a while.

If you have been using appug.com, you can continue to do so, without any limitation! If you are new to appug.com, you certainly need a lot of imagination and faith. If you follow our motto, you might want to "beacon-up your life" or "beacon-up your business" with appug.com. In order to understand these slogans, you need to know that appug.com is a free beacon-based messaging platform, or in other terms, a free content management system (CMS) for different kinds of beacons: Bluetooth beacons (or "iBeacons" as Apple, Inc. calls them), QR beacons, and NFC beacons.

We would be happy if we could just skip the marketing blather, and convince you to register at https://my.appug.com. Opening your account, entering your basic data, creating your first message, and linking it to your first beacon is almost self-explanatory -- almost. For those of you who need support, we will provide some videos soon. Actually we were about to produce a couple of YouTube videos just before we were hacked. Now, it might take a moment longer. But I promise that the videos will come! If you want to contact me, please send me an email. Or contact me on twitter (@karl_j_lang).

Karl J Lang
CEO of appug.com